Amazing trip!

This trip was absolutely amazing. We spent three days and 2 nights with Andreas and his wonderful crew aboard the boat One Piece. The experience of seeing the orangutans up close was fantastic. We saw so many orangutans, including large males and babies, and were closer to them than I ever imagined! And while the orangutans were the main attraction of this tour, we saw and experienced so much more. From the different species of monkey we saw both in the forest and from the boat, to the wild boars, birds and plants, Andreas was knowledgable about it all. He also introduced us to local culture by taking us to a small village and showed us around a local market.

In addition to all that we saw, the experience on the boat was also amazing. The food was absolutely delicious. The boat was kept clean and tidy. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

I highly recommend Andreas to show you an incredible experience!