You can book more directly and cheaper by starting with a local guide

In February 2016 I contacted Captain Andy Jaka and his son Andy Jaka Jr. to arrange a tour late in the month of March. Lonely Planet calls him the most experienced guide in this area. He is. In the early part of the year it is fruit season and a great time to see orang utans in the wild. When I was there, the platforms were not attracting many orang utans because of all the fruit in their natural trees. Captain Andy has a sharp eye for finding orang utans in the wild as well as many other species of monkeys and birds. He is best, however, on orang utans and monkeys. They retrieved me from a hotel in Pangkalanbun about 9 am and we boarded a klotok after a cab ride to the river about 30 minutes away. Since I was only one person, they rented one of the smaller klotoks. They rent whatever size your party needs. They stocked up on fresh fish and various fruits and vegetables before we left on a four day and four night trip where I slept every night on the second floor. That is where my table, chair, and canopy were as well. We did not have a shower. If you wanted to bathe, you did it in the river which is what the two Andys did. The toilet on board was manually flushed. Andy Jr. was the cook. The small whole fish did have bones which were sometimes hard to see by candlelight. After dark, there was only candlelight.. So, every night was a candlelight dinner. I had to tell them not to feed me so much. A typical breakfast had four slices of bread with eggs. It was too much. I think he also did pancakes. The coffee was actually decent even if it was from crystals. If you camp, the food will be fine. If you expect more, stay at the lodge in the park and have them pick you up each day, but it does increase your cost. I liked pulling over to the side of the river and being able to listen to the night sounds and see early morning monkey activity. After the fourth night we were back at our point of origin. I booked a night before and after in Pangkalanbun–I am glad I did. Kalistar Airline is known for changing flight times. Two days in a row the flight that was supposed to leave mid-afternoon was changed to leave in the morning. I would not have made the flight if I had been trying to catch the flight the same morning I came back out of the park. Andy Sr. and Andy Jr. are indigenous people. They will also book trips to see large trees that have not been logged in the interior near their village. After dinner, they would come up to the top deck and talk for an hour or two each night. Andy Sr. had a lot of questions. Quite simply these are great family men who are gentlemen and will treat you right. After a while, you get used to Andy Senior’s English. His son’s English is quite good. This is one of the best trips I have ever done and I did it for about half or less of what traditional tour operators would have charged me. Go if you can in the latter part of March or early April while it is still fruit season and there are not so many tourists there. Two could have gone on the boat I did and I am sure the price per person could be even better. I wired money to their bank in town. They usually want half the cost of the trip to rent the boat ahead.