Actually, there are six lakes in Sub-district of Kotawaringin Lama. But, there is still one exist lake, it is MASORAIAN Lake. Exactly, it is located in sub-district of Kotawaringin Lama, Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. It still has good ecosystem. There are still wild orangutans, kinds of monkeys and birds such as hornbill, king fisher, etc. Because there are many fishes in this lake, the local people demand their daily life to find fish there. It can fulfil their daily need. They catch the fish here traditionally, so its preservation is still kept. This lake can be reached by wooden small boat. The tour in this lake can be done at least 2 days. What will you do there? At your arrival, you will be welcomed by traditional dance and self-defense art of local people. You will also join with them to catch the fish traditionally in the lake by bubu (made of bamboo), pengilar (made of nylon), and net fishing and canoeing there. Besides that, you can also see the making sugar palm and dried fish. There are some schools here, you can visit one of them. It’s the happiness of them if there is a foreigner come to visit them. The food we will serve to you is of course local food. I called it traditional jungle food, because what they cook is got from their jungle. Of course, it is very very different with your daily food.