This itinerary is flexible depends on the arrival and departure!

Day 1

Airport – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan – Proboscis Tour – Lodge

Arriving at the airport, we will pick you up by airport taxi to Kumai. From Kumai River, we will cross to Sekonyer River for about 15 minutes by boat called klothok. It is the beginning of our tour to Tanjung Puting National Park. Lunch will be served on the boat prepared by our cook with many variations foods. Along the way upstream, you will see the different trees vegetation. We stop at first station (tanjung harapan) to see orangutan feeding at 3 p.m. In addition, in the afternoon, it is the right time to see proboscis monkeys (long nose monkeys), macaques, and kind of birds. And then go to Lodge for taking shower. After that we go back to the boat to see colonies of fire flies. We will have dinner here while seeing fire flies. After dinner, we go back to the Lodge for staying overnight.

Day 2

Lodge – Pesalat – Camp Leakey – Lodge

After morning breakfast in the lodge, we go to Pesalat. It is re forestation place, we can adopt the seeds and then plant them there. After that we go directly to Camp Leakey. Along the way, we can see proboscis monkeys (long nose monkeys), macaques, fishes, crocodiles, and kind of birds. Arriving at Camp Leakey, we will have lunch and then after lunch we will go to the information centre and take a walk around the camp while waiting for feeding at 2 p.m. After seeing feeding at 2 p.m. we go back to the lodge to take shower, dinner (dinner can be on the boat) and stay overnight.

Day 3

Lodge – Pondok Tanggui – Lodge – Seikonyer Village – Tanjung Harapan – Lodge

After morning breakfast in the lodge, we are boating up to Pondok Tanggui to see orangutan feeding at 9 a.m. After that, we are boating down to lodge for lunch and take a rest (on the boat). After that, we go to Seikonyer village directly. Here we will take a walk seeing villager’s activities. Then we cross the river to Tanjung Harapan to see orangutan feeding at 3 p.m. After feeding, we go back to lodge for the shower. Then we are boating down to see fireflies. And then go back to lodge for dinner (dinner can be on the boat) and stay overnight.

Day 4

Lodge – Kumai – Airport

After morning breakfast in the lodge, we will go directly to Kumai. Arriving in Kumai, we will transfer to the airport. TOUR END

Our costumer feel satisfied and gladly giving us review through TripAdvisor

  • Amazing Trip to Tanjung Puting

    Ga salah pilih Pak Andreas sebagai agen trip ke Tanjung Puting. Service nya satisfying banget. Pak Andreas memang knowledgeable banget tentang tour ini. Setiap station dijelaskan secara detail, apa yg kita tanyakan dijawab dg jelas. Crew nya friendly. Yg pasti boat nya keren habis dah. Mau ambil foto sekitarnya, g perlu susah susah terhalang ini itu, kita bisa naik ke dek paling atas, kita bs dg leluasa jepret sana sini. Kalau sudah AMAZING, ya pasti NO COMPLAIN. I’ll come back again Pak Andreas

  • Amazing Trip

    We went to Tanjung Puting wildlife and orang Utan conservation in Central Borneo. It was amazing trip and soul fulfilling journey. It was the place where I left a piece of my heart. The boat is our home for 3 days, we went to some orang Utan camps to mingle with some of them, we had good times good vibes like all the time, we had the best stargazing experience that made me realized how tiny I am and my problems are, we slept with the concert of the jungle, we woke up the breathtaking scenery and monkey who stole the crackers :), we celebrated the friendship at its best. This is truly an amazing trip to experience at least once in a lifetime. And for sure we had super nice guide and service. Thanks Mas Andreas for the great work! You are awesome!

  • Camp Leakey yang paling bagus! Tergantung dari tur yang diambil, kebetulan aku ambil tur yang guidenya akan ambil rute yang muter-muter dalam hutannya dulu baru kearah feeding area. Nah selama muter-muter dalam hutannya itu bisa melihat banyak orangutan dan bisa berinteraksi dengan mereka dengan jarak sangat dekat! Hanya saya untuk pengunjung yang lain, terutama turis-turis lokal diharapkan bisa menjaga hutan dan respek orangutannya. Jangan demi menghibur diri dan foto-foto berbuat yang aneh-aneh. Kita sudah cukup merusak habitat mereka, jadi jangan usik mereka lagi ya 🙂